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A fantastic lightweight code-analyzer for complex coding projects

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updated on May 13, 2022


Incredibly lightweight; it doesn't slow down even after hundreds of lines of code
Shows a ton of information such as the number of statements, files, functions, etc.
Custom breakpoints
It generates function and method-level metrics with ease
It improves code writing
Completely free and ad-free
Can generate CSV/XML files of reports such as metrics, charts, and tables


It supports only eight programming languages
It can be tricky to understand at first
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Ever since the need to code arose in my student years, there was a yearning for an application that could not only help in programming but also in checking the code and providing insights. On top of that, the requirement was of something lightweight that would not kill the computer every time it had to run code that required a lot of processing power.

As the complexity of the code increases, the search for an application that would help greatly in analyzing and cleaning the code increases too. I came across SourceMonitor a while ago, and I must say it has all the bases covered. It is an amazing option for students and developers who want a lightweight code-analyzer that offers the right functionality.

The cyclomatic complexity check is a particular masterstroke from the team of SourceMonitor. It helps in pinning down the areas where there could be an error. Perhaps that's where SourceMonitor is better than anything else you would come across. Once you run an analysis pass after adding the source code in the project, it also tells you about the complexity of your code.

The reason to like SourceMonitor is because of the impressive and useful features it provides such as the complexity of the code, comments, counting statements, functions, and the files used in the project. SourceMonitor itself is pretty lightweight, but it doesn't come with many shortcomings, except maybe that it could offer more in the number of programming languages supported. Checking the source code and its difficulty is easy and understandable.

In conclusion, a great code-analyzer that can be beneficial to both beginners and experts since it helps in polishing the code that you are writing. For people like me who have chosen a career path that revolves around writing, reading, and understanding code, it's incredibly good at what it does since I often have to show my code to my supervisors. SourceMonitor can be of great benefit since it makes us write clean code that is easy to understand with the number of details it shows.
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